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The Top Ten. The underused boys' name of Calvin means friendly, playful, and delightful. The boys' name George means helpful, agricultural, strong, and royal. The girls' name Mary means wished for or wanted . In other words, the child was a gift. The girls' name Lisa means satisfactory and lovable.Highly Sought Names: Underused Classics. But even if these names become more popular, they wont likely become datestamped fad names. These are the names that could gradually become the next modern classics or revival names within the next few decades. If these names appeal to you, here are some lists. Boys are color coded blue, girls are pink and unisex names are green. traditional underused baby names

Thanks so much for reading! If you missed my other underused name blogs, you can find the one about boys names from the OT here, and the one about boys names in the NT here. For the biblical boys names in the top 1000, you can click here. For the girls names in the top 1000, you can click here.

Underused English boys names. . Expecting DS1 in the next few weeks. Would like to use an underused but classic name. DH no help he removes names from the shortlist faster than I can add them! I want some nice middle ground between the popular classics and the mumsnet 'classics' Underused Classic Baby Names: Calvin, Martin and Miriam Girls: Carmen (Can be a unisex name, but counts as an underused classic on girls) Boys: Felix Peaked at# 137 in 1884; has never ranked lower than# 394 in 2002. Girls: Alice Peaked at# 8 in 1880, 1882, and 1906; has never ranked lowertraditional underused baby names Some people think the names come from the most popular names requested by customers for personalized items. My opinion is the names are most likely a mix of Pottery Barn employees kids or grandkids names (which would explain an unusual name like Penn appearing in more than one catalog), and names most requested by customers.

Sep 14, 2014 Me and my husband have started trying for our second child, and we already have a 3 year old called Odelia Genevieve. We find girls names pretty easy because we both have similar tastes, but we're struggling to find some more that we really love with our daughters name. We're looking for classic namesclassic sounding names that aren't very common. traditional underused baby names

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