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Use our baby name finder to search for names by gender, initial letter, meaning and more. Discover the alternative meanings for your favourite names with our numerology calculator. Find names inspired by nature, space, mythology and more in our baby nameWhile Susan Smith is the most prevalent female name, it was placed 12th in the overall list, which suggests there's a wider variety of women's names today. The data, which was based on information from the Open Register, showed that David is the UK's most popular first name for men, while Margaret follows Susan as female names in uk

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The 100 most popular baby names in the UK this year have been revealed. Baby Centre have unveiled their top 100 boys' and girls' names of the year and there are some interesting trends emerging. Scroll on to find the top 1, 000 baby girl names for 2017, as shared by the Social Security Administration. With 1, 000 baby girl names to choose from, you definitely have PLENTY of choices.female names in uk How can the answer be improved?

Looking for the perfect name for your little one? Search Belly Ballot to discover the popularity, meanings, and origins of thousands of names from around the world. female names in uk Most Popular Names EnglandWales 1914. Description: Most popular names for female newborns in EnglandWales 1914, with 1914 as the year of the second decade British Girl Names. Some of the hottest baby girl names in England, Scotland, and Wales are still cool and underused choices in the U. S. . Some girls' names that rank particularly highly in Britain are Amelia, Poppy, Freya, and Florence, while Olivia, Sophia, and Charlotte are popular in both the UK and the US. Aug 17, 2015 The# 1 baby names in 2014 for England and Wales were Amelia and Oliver. Amelia managed to maintain its# 1 spot for the fourth year running, and Oliver for the second year. Overall, the Top 10 a pretty conservative, barely moving, especially for the boys. New to the Top 100 are Ellis, Joey, Jackson, Thea, Darcie, Lottie, Harper, Nancy and Robyn. We can help with over 150 fantastic and unusual female dog names. Your puppy's new name is probably right here! Finding great girl dog names can be hard. We can help with over 150 fantastic and unusual female dog names. programme designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon. co. uk.

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