Invalid column name id entity framework

2019-08-21 06:05

EF Code First Invalid column name 'Discriminator' but no inheritance. This problem only occurs if you are inheriting your C# class from another class, but SEntry is not inheriting from anything (as you can see above). In addition to that, once I get the tooltip on the debugger when I mouse over the EMData instance for the SEntries property, it displays:entity framework 4. 1 invalid column name. I have two table News and NewsComments. But query return exception Invalid column name NewsId . I know what this exception created when in table not related column. invalid column name id entity framework

Entity Framework Invalid Column Name 'ID . This is Entity Framework 4. 4 I inherited a project where Entity Framework was used, but many of the actual files were deleted with no real way to go back. I readded EF (Database first) and replicated a T4 setup that the project was built around. It generated code versions of all the database models and a DBContext code file.

EF Code First Invalid column name. and it has not relationships. Yet EF is generating the following SQL: Dec 03, 2010 Getting SqlException Invalid column name 'UserId' from EF4 codeonly. I got a strange behaviour with code only (EF CTP) where I get an and the inner exception is a SQLException saying: Invalid column name 'UserId The strange thing with this is that my POCO does not contain a UserIdinvalid column name id entity framework EntityFramework: Invalid column name ID1. I am trying to implement DbContext for couple of tables called ' Employee ' and ' Department ' Relationship between Employee and Department is many to one. i. e. department can have many employees. Below are the EntityFramework classes I designed ( CodeFirst approach )

Entity Framework Code First: Invalid column name Last week I was creating a sample project to show some of the Entity Framework Code First features. I only had an old Northwind database available so I mapped my model against this database. invalid column name id entity framework Invalid column name 'AccessFailedCount (repeats 2 more times, I have a total of 4 test users in AspNetUsers table. ) I have a small application I've just upgraded from MVC4Identity 1. 0 to MVC5Identity 2. 0, so I had the Identity 1. 0 columns (UserName, PasswordHash, SecurityStamp, Discriminator) working. Nov 08, 2013 Re: Entity Framework Invalid Column Problem. It appears that Entity Framework itself had no issue mapping this column regarding it's normal use however the issue I had is where I was using the ExecuteStoreQuery method to map the model. It turns out using this means anything you map it to has to have the same names regardless ASP. NET WebForm Invalid column name 'UserId' Rate this: Please My tables does not contain any column with the name UserId only with UserId . If registration work fine (and records in the database), I do not know why login does not work. entity framework 4. 1 invalid column name How can the answer be improved?

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