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This is the chemical structure of potassium hydroxide. Potassium hydroxide is a strong base. It is also known as lye, sodium hydrate, caustic potash and potash lye. Potassium hydroxide is a white or colorless solid, used extensively in laboratories and everyday processes.How can the answer be improved? list of chemistry formulas and names

Names and Formulas of Chemical Compounds. From various sources. STUDY. PLAY. acetic acid. FeO (classical name) ferric sulfate. Fe(SO) (classical name) formic acid. HCOOH. Writing chemical formulas I 18 terms. cbrown101. The Periodic Table of the Elements 92 terms.

Tags: 11, branches of chemistry, chemical formula of compounds name and formula pdf, Chemical List Name Download PDF, chemical names and formulas, chemical names and formulas chart, chemistry book, chemistry definitions, chemistry formula chart in hindi, chemistry formula in hindi Common Names of Some Chemical Compounds Common Name. Chemical Name. Formula. baking soda. sodium hydrogen carbonate. sodium bicarbonate. NaHCO 3. bleach (liquid) sodium hypochlorite or. hydrogen peroxide. NaClO. H 2 O 2. bleach (solid)list of chemistry formulas and names 67 rows Formulas and trading names for some common chemicals

Chemical Names& Formulas Water Ammonia Methane. 2 Why Systematic Names? # atomic particles 3 (p, n, e)# elements 110# elements in earths crust (99) 8# elements in all living things 25# compounds 14, 000, 000. 3 Why Systematic Names? Water H 2 O Lime CaO Lye NaOH Potash K 2 CO 3 Table Salt NaCl list of chemistry formulas and names 263 rows  Jul 24, 2015  The chemical formula gives us a clear understanding regarding the Glossary of chemical formulas. This complements alternative listing at inorganic compounds by element. There is no complete list of chemical compounds, since by nature the list would be infinite. Note: There are elements for which spellings may differ, such as aluminumaluminium, sulfursulphur, and cesiumcaesium. List of chemical compounds and their common names Aspirin. Baking Soda. Bleaching Powder. Borax. Caustic Soda. Washing Soda. Dry ice. Blue Vitriol. Green Vitriol. White Vitriol. Oil of vitriol. Quick Lime. Phosgene. Plaster of Paris. Muriatic Acid. Laughing Gas. Tear Gas. Hydrolith.

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