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(Name change requests can only be made by the attorney themselves. ) Good Standing Statement To obtain a certificate of good standing with the Mecklenburg County Bar, a member must have an active status and be current in membership dues payments.NAME CHANGE OF A MINOR (CHILD) For a minors name change there are a couple extra points to keep in mind: The reason for the change should be significant, such as adoption or bringing a stepchild into a family. One parent or guardian will submit the petition with a reason for the change and the other parent or guardian will have to give hisher mecklenburg county legal name change

Download and Print These Forms: Update Your Account Information Change Of Contractor Form Mecklenburg County Health Department Move Off Application Mecklenburg County Application for Building Permit City of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County Erosion Control Requirements

Public swimming pools in Mecklenburg County are regulated by the Health Department. Renewal forms are sent to all existing pools in December of each year. New pools, or facilities that have lost their applications can use this form to request a permit. Fill out the notice of intent to change name and return the form to Clerk of CourtSpecial Proceedings Department at the Mecklenburg County Courthouse (nccourts. org). The clerk will post your notice of intent on the Courthouse bulletin board for 10 days, as state law mandates. Take the name change petition to a notary public.mecklenburg county legal name change How can you petition for a legal name change in Mecklenburg County NC? Although details of the requirements for a legal name change vary by state, in general the procedure is much the same.

lets you quickly download easytouse legal documents to change your first name, last name, or your child's name. , plus detailed instructions on how to file the forms with the court in your county. We also provide bride name change notification kits, fully customized with your personal information. mecklenburg county legal name change Applying for a marriage license is the first step to becoming legally married. First, you and your husbandtobe will need to fill out an online form for Mecklenburg County. Once the application is submitted online, both parties will need to visit the Mecklenburg County Register of Your Notice of Intent to File Name Change will be posted by the Clerk of the Court on the bulletin board in the Mecklenburg County Courthouse (832 E. Fourth Street) for ten (10) consecutive calendar days, as required by North Carolina statute.

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