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This is a list of African spirits.30 rows  The White Goddess Pantheons: African Gods and Goddesses. A list of deities from african gods and goddesses names

AZ List of Goddess Names. Pomona (Roman) Protected fruiting trees and gardens. Her name is derived from the Latin word pomus, meaning fruit tree. Rhea (Greek) The ancient Titan Earth Goddess, responsible for the fertility of the soil and women. The name is most likely a form of the word era meaning earth ,

The Gods and Goddesses. Adroa. Other Names: God in the sky , God on Earth , Creator God, River God. Location: The Lugbara of Zaire and Uganda. Description: He is pictured as tall and white with only half of his body visible. Rules Over: Social order, law, death. African Goddesses. Pamba The creator and sustainer of life in Ovambo mythology. The Ovambo, a matrilineal people, declare that 'the mother of pots is a hole in the ground; the mother of people is god. ' Yemayah (Yemaja, Yemoja) She is one of the great goddesses of the Nigerian Yoruba.african gods and goddesses names How can the answer be improved?

A little over a month ago I began to research online to find information in regards to the gods& goddesses of Africa. african gods and goddesses names AFRICAN GODDESSES. THE GODS AND GODDESSES OF THE AZTECS The Aztecs thought that failure to honor the deities with blood sacrifices would cause the world to end at the end of their 52year calendar (equal to our century). The complete AZ index of African Gods, Goddesses, spirits, demons, legendary monsters and other characters names from African mythology in alphabetical order. Your guide to African gods, spirits, demons and legendary monsters. Baby boy names Abassi (supreme god, Anang and Efik peoples of Nigeria). Asis (sun god, Kipsigis and Nandi peoples of Kenya). Bemba (supreme god, Bambara people of Mali). Chiuta (supreme god, Tumbuka people of Malawi). Deng (rain and fertility god, Dinka people of Sudan). EnKai (supreme god, African Mythology African Goddess African American Art African Art African History African Beauty African Culture African Voodoo African Shop Forward Oba is the Yoruba Orisha of the River Oba in Nigeria, and represents marriage and domesticity.

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