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example of Tcl namespaces and packages Packages in Tcl allow you to define a file of code that's going to be loaded as required at run time. Namespaces allow you to define a new set of variable and proc names that doesn't conflict with the variable and proc names in your main program rather like giving all the variable and procs in part ofTclTk Tutorial for Beginners Learn TclTk in simple and easy steps starting from basic to advanced concepts with examples including language, Overview, environment setup, program structure, basic syntax, variables, commands, data types, operators, decisions, loops, strings, arrays, lists, dictionary, procedures, packages, namespaces, file io tcl namespace code example

TTCCLL Namespace is a container for set of identifiers that is used to group variables and procedures. Namespaces are available from Tcl version 8. 0. Before the introduction of namespaces, there was single global scope. Now with namespaces, we

Example: An existence map of ZIP codes between and can be kept in a list of 3125 integers namespace eval asm proc asm body variable mem catch Easily done in a few lines of Tcl code: proc multable rows cols namespace children: : : : platform: : activestate: : bob: : tcl namespace children: : bob: : bob: : joe You probably are doing something weird in your C code first if this is really not working for you. Update. The above example is for extending tcl with a compiled package. Apparently the OP is embedding Tcl into some other application.tcl namespace code example Namespace variables resemble global variables in Tcl. They exist outside of the procedures in a namespace but can be accessed in a procedure via the variable command, as shown in the example above. Namespaces are dynamic. You can add and delete commands and variables at any time, so you can build up the contents

Managing Tcls Namespaces Collaboratively Don Libes National Institute of Standards and Technology codes (TCLOK, TCLBREAK, TCLCONTINUE, etc. ). Anything else is application dened. There is no obvious way This is an example of a namespace that could in theory be managed automatically by Tcl. tcl namespace code example Instead, it generates a Tcl command that will execute in the current namespace scope when it is evaluated later. For example, suppose: : current is the current namespace. The namespace code command determines the current scope and adds that to the namespace inscope command it generates: set callback [namespace code set x 1 For example, the command namespace foo code puts Hello World! produces the scoped value: @scope: : foo puts Hello World! Note that the code command captures the current namespace context. If the namespace flag is specified, then the current context is ignored, and the name string is used as the namespace context. Namespace export and import Tcl example. Training, Open Source Programming Languages. Perl Learning to Program in Perl Packages and Namespaces example from a Well House Consultants training course More on Libraries, Any of our images within this code may NOT be reused on a public URL without our prior permission. For Bona Fide We would like to show you a description here but the site wont allow us.

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