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2019-08-23 15:25

the second option (just alias the hostname without the port information) is possible by adding localwebapp to your hostsfile ( etchosts in NIX, in windows) adding. . 1 localwebappHPUX (Hewlett Packard UniX) is HewlettPackard's proprietary implementation of the Unix operating system, based on System V. linux set alias hostname

Linux how to set hostname and aliases Hi! Some network devices, e. g. network printers, network attached storage devices, etc. can be accessed by their hostnames or network names.

The certificate signing process works fine if my host name is puppet. With the IP of the puppet master server being set in etchosts. Set a host name alias in etchosts? Ask Question 0. I don't want to use the IP as it will likely change and I'll have to update etchosts again. On any Linux system you can change its hostname with the command hostname (surprised? ) Here are some quick usages of the command line hostname: hostname without any parameter it will output the current hostname of the system. hostname fqd it will output the fully qualified domain name (or FQDN) of the system. hostname NEWNAME will set the hostname of the system to NEWNAME.linux set alias hostname Hostname is the program that is used to either set or display the current host, domain or node name of the system. These names are used by many of the hostname(1) Linux man page

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