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Jan Ernst Matzeliger was born on the northern coast of South America in Paramaribo, Dutch Guiana (now the Republic of Suriname) on September 15, 1852. He was the son of a Dutch engineer in charge of government machine shops and a Surinamese black woman, who was a slave. In 1855, Matzeliger went to live with his paternal aunt.Learn about Jan Ernst Matzeliger: his birthday, what he did before fame, his family life, fun trivia facts, popularity rankings, and more. jan matzeliger parents name

Jan Ernst Matzeliger was born on September 15, 1852 in Surinam (South America), the child of a biracial marriage. His father was a white engineer from Holland and his mother was a black woman in the Dutch colony. By his third birthday Matzeliger was sent to live with his fathers sister.

An immigrant from Dutch Guiana, Matzeliger worked in a shoe factory. To reduce the time needed to fasten shoe leather to the sole by hand, he invented a machine to do the job. boboishea and chales Matzeliger. boboishea is mom and chales is dad. kk. ; ) 4 people found this useful.jan matzeliger parents name Parents: Jan Ernst Matzeliger's father's name Not Known& Mother's name Unknown. We will updated soon about parents. We will updated soon about parents. Siblings: Brother(s) name Not Known& Sister(s) Name Not Known.

Early Life. Jan Ernst Matzeliger was born on September 15, 1852, in Paramaribo, Surinameknown at the time as Dutch Guiana. Matzeliger's father was a Dutch engineer, and his mother was Surinamese. Showing mechanical aptitude at a young age, Matzeliger began working in machine shops supervised by his father at the age of 10. jan matzeliger parents name

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