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2019-09-22 21:34

Florida State Seniors Bowling Tournament Results Senior Bowling2019 Florida State Seniors Tournament Total scores for all bowlers posted, if you are questioning your numbers look at the section posted for Handicap Percentage. This is the one used for the whole tournament, some scoresheets had the wrong percentage on them. florida state tournament bowling

As of August 1, 2018, your three association boards are now merged into the Florida State USBC! We would not be prouder to represent over 60, 000 bowlers throughout the state. Our new board members will make sure you are represented well.

57th Florida State Championship Tournament Entry Form. February 22 24, 2019 Pin Chasers Veterans, Tampa, FL Your average for the tournament has been set by the AWBA and there is no need to provide league sheets or any other information unless you are a new bowler with the AWBA in which a league sheet will need to be presented with at 2019 Open State Tournament The 2019 Florida State USBC Open Tournament will be held April 2021 and May 4 through June 20 in Jacksonville. The Team event will be hosted by Batt Family Fun Center, and the Doubles and Singles event will be hosted by Bowl America Mandarin.florida state tournament bowling Robert Turie receiving his award from the 2018 Florida State Seniors Tournament in Ocala, Fl.

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