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EruRen the ship between Erwin Smith and Eren Jaeger EruRi the ship between Erwin Smith and Levi Ackerman JeaIle the ship between Jean Kirschstein and Nile Dawk JeanBeru the ship between Jean Kirschstein and Bertholt Hoover JeanMarco the ship between Jean Kirschstein and Marco Bott JeArmin the ship between JeanJean: guys. Please. No. bringing back an ancient ship jeanmarco Jean Kirschtein Marco Bott marco bodt aot snk fanart digital my art sketch modern au. 3, 054 notes aot ships aot eren x mikasa eremika levi x petra rivetra armin x annie aruani sasha x connie springles erwin x hanji eruhan ymir x christa ymir x historia yumikuri jean x marco jean x eren ship name

Okay just a couple of ships, choose from them so i can be motivated to write one shots and stuff like that. .

This is the ship of Horseface, Jean Kirchstien, and Titanshifter, Eren Jaegar. This is honestly one of those ships when people take the phrase opposites attract and make it literal. The Ship Name Edit. Very obvious and simple. The ERE is from Eren, and the JEAN is from Jean. The Top and The Bottom Edit. Jean Can Be Top. Eren Can Be Uke Find and follow posts tagged snk ships on Tumblr. Log in Sign up. no shipping# attack on titan# aot# jean kirschstein# jean kirstein# marco bodt# marco bott# marcojean# are there any other ship names# idk# baby names# this is hilarious# 2006. # Eren Jaeger# Jean Kirschstein# aot ships# jean x eren# snk ships# attack on titan. 25 notes.jean x eren ship name Jun 05, 2013  I still think Mikasa X Eren is the most popular ship. levi and eren thats weird its going to be levi and petra mikasa and eren armin is going to die alone for being such a coward! ! so I was wondering whether this was something like Jean x Eren where's there's not much cannon material to

Guess the ship name what the ship names mean. This my first quiz also so please enjoy! (Attack on TitanShingeki no Kyojin Edition) Lia. 1. 14. Let us start of with this ship. What is it there ship name? Aruani. Arukuri. Arumika. 2. 14. Now to guess who are in each ship. Example: Ereri Eren x Levi Who is in RivaMika? Levi x Mikasa jean x eren ship name 3 Jean x Marco. The guide book says Imaginary Interview, title: Marco x Jean. Any person's type you are, my bond with you won't change . It's canon. They have the special connection. I chose this ship because it actually mean something. It shows it in the anime too, when Marco died all Jean's heart and mind was set on is Marco. # wattpad# fanfiction No h relatos de pessoas que tiveram uma boa relao com seu primeiro amor e eu no sou diferente delas. No colegial, quando era apenas uma menina desco Mar 26, 2014  Mikasa x Eren Armin x Annie Ymir x Krista OTP: Jean x Marco I hate: Levi x anyone Eren x Annie Jean x Armin CRACK PAIRINGS: Armin x Eren Levi x Eren Ymir x Krista Arm Ymir x Krista isn't crack. At least, not completely. Ymir really does love Krista. It Mikasa x Jean 328 11 2. by NoxiousSeraph. by NoxiousSeraph Follow. Share. Share via Email Report Story I know you're going to say my name next. Armin: Uuhhh yes, um, Eren. That's also one reason why the capableofeverything Mikasa should watch out for him in most situations possible. Eren: Okay. So do you ship this? Armin: Ummm no

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