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Naruto Shippuden \n\n FTW! \n\nBUT SAI BABA'S REAL NAME WAS SYED SHAH BABA he was the murid of TAHAJUDDIN BABA, NAGPURI . And then he was told to move on to SHIRDI. \n What is tentens last nameThere, he was raised and conditioned to have no personality, personal connections, or a name; Sai being given to him for the purposes of joining Team Kakashi. Though largely successful in this regard, Sai retained an interest in art. sai from naruto last name

Mar 10, 2019  Sai is a Konohagakure ninja who used to be in ANBU root which is currently ran by Danzo. Sai is a member of Team 7 along with Naruto, Sakura and Kakashi Hatake. Sai first appeared in

Apr 07, 2008 Best Answer: Sai is just a code name, like Yamato because they are ANBU memebers and have their identities kept a secret (the animal masks), and they havnt revealed his real name. And there is no way he is Uchiha, they are all dead except for Sasuke and Madara now, and he never uses sharingan. Source(s): How can the answer be improved?sai from naruto last name The Last: Naruto the Movie Sai and Ino holding hands together at Naruto and Hinata's wedding In the ending credits, Sai and Ino attend Naruto and Hinata 's wedding.

Sai's name isn't really Sai . It was a name given to him by Danzo so he could be a part of Team 7 (he never had a name). So he probably doesn't even have a last name. sai from naruto last name

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