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2019-08-21 16:52

C# Determine remote desktop login user's computer name. Single Remote Desktop session in Server 2003. 2. Remote desktop software to be used within my application. 0. Capturing Remote desktop request. 0. Connecting and logging in to a remote desktop using C# Windows7. 1.I have an custom Remote Desktop client written in C# WPF, the Remote Desktop ActiveX control is hosted inside a WindowsFormsHost control. The app works well prior to update RDP c# rdp session name

Nov 11, 2009  IMsTscNonScriptable secured txtPassword. Text; Disconnect Button Click Event. To disconnect from the remote desktop session, we just need to call the Disconnect() method. Before disconnecting, we want to ensure that the connection is still available.

You can type query session, but that doesn't tell you the client's computer name or IP address. The various Terminal Services and Remote Desktoprelated Windows event logs are of very limited help. The Users tab in Task Manager tells you the usernames and their session IDs, but not their computer name. Aug 07, 2014  I decided to write a C# (WPF) application to put a GUI interface to it. Using this DLL it appears you can query remote servers for RDP session information like client name. I'm not finished with it yet, but it looks promising. Perhaps I am overlooking thisc# rdp session name Jun 11, 2010 i try to get the Session name with C# . If i Try it with. it works only if i debug my Code with VisualStudio. If i run the compiled. exe my sessionname is always null. Where is the Problem? Florian Kowalsky. Friday, June 4, 2010 12: 33 PM.

Sep 25, 2017 Oct 12, 2015 at 10: 21 UTC. 1) If you allow drive mapping from the client then it will show the drives and the computername under their session. 2) There should be an environment variable available in their session if they can run a command prompt and type SET. c# rdp session name Using C# to grab RDP session information. I've been trying to figure out how to get RDP session information with C# . There's a program that I'm writing, and I want some functionality to differ based on whether or not the user is logged in through RDP. but aside from that I'm not sure how to retrieve the client's machine name, the domain Apr 08, 2014 Then I reconnect to RDP session from another computer, the CLIENTNAME environment variable do not changes his value and show the old client name. Tuesday, July 18, 2017 6: 36 PM Reply By default If you connect to a windows machine using remote desktop it kicks the local user off, if they log back in it kicks the remote user off. If you have enabled Concurrent Remote Desktop Sessions there can be multiple users connected at once. I'm trying to retrieve some RDCRDP and Console login information programmatically via C# . I want to develop a simple console application (. EXE) such that I can retreive the information from Task Manager Users Tab of any remote computer on our domain (Windows Server 2003 x86, or 2008R2 x64).

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