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2019-08-23 23:39

Basically users opt to change their names on Voters ID card because of the following reasons: Mistyping of name; Change in your surname after marriage; Changing your own name after providing affidavit. If any of the above stated reason is applicable in your case, then you can easily edit or change your name in your Voters ID Card.Online process to change or correct name in voter id card. Fill in Form 8, the form for application to change name in the electoral roll. Once you have filled in the form, upload the documents required for change of name, upload official proof such as copy of the government gazette. election id name change

May 09, 2018  Next step would be to apply to Social Security for a name change on the card, while simultaneously taking the drivers license (or state ID) to the local Bureau of Motor Vehicles, and obtaining a new ID with the new surname.

Name change process is same in any state. Form 7 is the form where any corrections regarding inclusion of name, deleting of name, deleting name of other person due to deathshifting in voter ID from Electoral list are made. Firstly visit Himachal Pradesh official electoral portal or NVSP portal. 1) If you are female and get married and decide to change the name in voter id card then all you need to fill the details of that application form you can make whatever the changes in that online form like date of birth or even photo, below is the website link if you wish to change the details via online in 2016. We do shared the detailed steps as well, have a look at those link first.election id name change Aug 13, 2015  How To Change Voter Id NameDOBAddressImage Online Easily (Step By Step), , ,

Download Registration Form For Voter ID Card. Change Your Name, Surname, Address After Marriage Voter ID Name Correction. If you are looking for registration of voter card after marriage or changing the name after marriage in voter card then you are at the right place. election id name change

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