Objective c call method by name

2020-02-26 03:50

(Class methods use a plussign instead. ) (void) indicates the type of the value returned by the method. void means that this method returns no value. dealloc is the name of the method. The code for the method goes inside the curly braces. Calling Methods. ObjectiveC methods are called a little differently than in most other languages.In ObjectiveC, a selector's signature consists of: The name of the method (in this case it would be 'myTest') (required) A ' (colon) following the method name if the method has an input. objective c call method by name

Every method call is compiled down to a call to objcmsgSend(). By doing the above, you are creating a fully typesafetypechecked call site that goes through the normal ObjectiveC messaging mechanism, but the selector is dynamically defined on the fly. \

Remember that those square brackets are used to differentiate ObjectiveC constructs from plain old C code. The square brackets around name length indicate the method call. The method calculates the length to be 21 and it is returned to where it was called from. Creating a selector from a method name with parameters. Ask Question 57. 35. An NSInvocation is an ObjectiveC message rendered static, that is, it is an action turned into an object. Call method with function as argument of Cocoa Touch Framework (swift) from Single View Application (objectivec)objective c call method by name Print the name of the calling function to the debug log. so I was wondering if there's a way to log the name of the function that called the current function (for debugging purposes). How to call ObjectiveC code from Swift. 0. Eclipse log debug windows function calls.

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