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openerpserver: using multiple database names on dbname parameter will wrongly create a new database# odony closed this in bfdf5a6 Aug 9, 2016 SignOpenERP suggests that you configure your database using a series of questions. In the software, these series of questions are managed through socalled Configuration Wizards. Click the Start Configuration button to continue. openerp show database name

Open ERP. OpenERP Official Blog. Its important to be able to hide database names from login screen for security purpose, the users who are known with Database names can login, for others database name is not accessible. Now this enhancement is implemented in trunk server and client,

Openerp Restore Database In Web Interface. Choose your db backup file correctly. Type the Master Password of your Openerp Server, If wrong, It will show Could not restore Database! . Type New Database name: your database name must not same existing database. In case, Some openerp server show Alert like that you have seen. The database server and the OpenERP server can be installed on the same computer, or distributed onto separate computer servers, for example for performance considerations. The next subsections give details about the different tiers of the OpenERP architecture.openerp show database name 3) paste the following and replace examplewebsite. com with your domain, and. 4 with the fixed IP address you would like to access your webdatabasemanager and webdatabaseselector links from:

Click on the Manage Databases Link to create Database (PostgreSQL). Manage Databases in OpenERP Web Client. In Create New Database screen of OpenERP Web Client, Give New database name and Password and Click on Create. It will take some time to create a new database; once the database is created you will be redirected to the web console of OpenERP. openerp show database name Simple steps for backup and restore OpenERP database: 1 Open Login screen click on manage database Browse your database dump file set password and make name to database and click restore commend prompt: create database createdb databasename Backup database: pgdump cluster 9. 1main formatc olddatabasename newdatabasename Give the database a name and enter the superadministrator password. The core system is installed in the file system of your OpenERP application server, but only installed into an OpenERP database as you require it, as is described in the next chapter, Guided Tour. Jun 05, 2013 Show the name of database I'm currently logged in [Closed You can try this one also: Start your db in degub mode. Go to Right top corner About OpenERP (click on ) Activate the developer mode. Then you can see database name in which you are currently logged in. In imageurl you can see test7 is a database name. If you want Once you are displaying the main menu, you are able to see the following screen items, as shown in screenshot The Main Menu of the openerpch02 database: The name of current user, the Preferences toolbar to the top right, showing the links to the Change password page, Receiving Email from for system, EDIT PREFERENCES page, About OpenERP, Help

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