What is my first name in hawaiian

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Hawaiian Names. Hawaiian baby names are, like the place itself, beautiful and exotic. Some of the more popular names include Ailani (high chief), Leia (child of heaven), Keanu (cool breeze over the mountains), Kai (the sea), and Kona (as in lady, not coffee). Kai is a lovely name with multicultural origins ranging from GreekWhat is my name in Hawaiian? Find out what your name is in Hawaiian what is my first name in hawaiian

Hawaiian Names. Have you ever wondered what your name would be when translated into Hawaiian? Maui Divers of Hawaii has translated some of the most popular Hawaiian names into English for you. Browse the list below and get to know your Hawaiian Name.

Aloha! Find out your Hawaiian name. What's Your Classic Hollywood Name? Hawaiian name. Jump to navigation Jump to search. A Hawaiian name is a name in the Hawaiian language. Such names are popular not only in Hawaiian families, but also among other residents of Hawaii, and even in the United States mainland among both nonnative and native Hawaiians.what is my first name in hawaiian Many of our customers inquired us which lettering is the most popular, and also which edge is better for Hawaiian Jewelry. Well our answers are black enamel lettering for rings, and raised polished letters for bangles, all with diamond cut edge. Hawaii Jewelry We design and manufacture the latest style of Hawaiian heirloom jewelry.

For Hawaiians there is an inseparable connection to the universe, land and sea that is reflected in the unique meanings of their names. Ahe Soft breeze. Aheahe Gentle breeze. Ailani High chief. Akamai Intelligent, clever. Akamu Formed by God, Earth. Akela Graceful and noble. Akoni what is my first name in hawaiian My name is Keneke. this is a friend of mines name, it was given from father to son. Everyone calls him Andy, but I would like to know what Analdi would be in Hawaiian. Although Andy isnt shown here either. If the database does not return your name, try a variation of your name when possible. (example: Instead of Laury, try Laurie. ) We have tried to place in as many names as possible! If you know a Hawaiian Name and want to know what it means in English, type it in the Hawaiian Name field. Learn how to pronounce your Hawaiian Name here. This resource of first names translated into Hawaiian phonetically features over 7, 500 phonetic Hawaiian name translations which we have curated since 1999 through the translation of the most common first names, name translation requests by website users, and names of people we meet. Whats your Hawaiian name 2. by: ams1. 1, 509 Responses. (2 votes) Remove from Favorites Add to Favorites. This is my second hawaiian names quiz! Same as the last quiz but with different names and questions! Please vote for me for the contest! : ) thankss! I CAN GUESS YOUR FIRST NAME! ! ! ! ! Does He Like You? ? (girls)

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