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Jan 23, 2014 Loving the complexity. So yes, get another (and probably not the last one) video of Neal Caffrey and Rachel Turner (aka Rebecca Lowe).PostSeries spoilers for White Collar. Crossover with Elementary will be more obvious in future chapters (I'm still rewatching it to get my head around Joan's character again). A series of nonsequential moments following Neal Caffrey's death, and the life he forges for himself in Europe after he's finally freed himself from the shackles of his rebecca lowe white collar real name

Bridget Regan Lands Major Recurring Role On USAs White Collar. Exclusive: Neal Caffrey is getting a new love interest. Legend Of The Seeker alumna Bridget Regan has booked a 10episode arc on USAs White Collar. She will play Rebecca Lowe, a beautiful rare book scholar who becomes entangled with Neals ( Matt Bomer)

How can the answer be improved? Taken place just after the first episode of season 6, Neal Caffrey discovers some unforeseen circumstances revolving his ex lover Rebecca (Whose real name is Rachel) and of course Curtis Hagan. Meanwhile, the Winchesters investigate a demonic death in New York City but seems to now cross paths with Neal and the gang.rebecca lowe white collar real name Rebecca Lowe (real name Rachel Turner) (Bridget Regan) is Neal's girlfriend in season five. Neal plans a con where they set up an art thief, a rival of Mozzie's, to steal a piece of art and then get caught while Neal copies a chapter in an old book. Neal meets Rebecca when he investigates the museum.

She is active in the social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook. She has a huge number of followers in the Twitter which is more than 7 hundreds. There is a Facebook page in her name that is Rebecca Lowe Fan Club which has 117 likes. rebecca lowe white collar real name When it comes to the perfect mixture of crime, comedy, and drama, White Collar easily ranks near the top of the list. It has a fantastic cast of actors, great writing, cliffhangers, and best of all, a full roster of idiosyncratic characters and names to match. Bridget Regan plays Rebecca Lowe, a book scholar who impossibly outwits one of Neal's cons, on White Collar. Contents[show Background Regan is an American film, television and stage Actress. She is best known for her role of Kahlan Amnell on Legend of the Seeker. Rachel Turner, more commonly known by her alias of Rebecca Lowe, was a clever con artist and criminal on White Collar. Introduced as a museum worker under her alias, until she was fired, she ended up being the true main antagonist of season 5. Career. In 2013, she began a recurring role in the fifth season of the USA Network crime drama White Collar as Rebecca LoweRachel Turner, a brief love interest of Neal Caffrey. That same year, she joined the series Beauty& the Beast for a multiepisode arc as Alex, the exfiance of Vincent Keller (

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