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Where MYSYSTEMNAME is the name given to the System Connection, and MYLIBRARY is the name given to the library in iSeries Navigator. share improve this answer edited Dec 11 '08 at 8: 13Oct 08, 2008 And be careful, as mentioned, changing the system name does NOT change the database name. Many types of extrenal calls to the iSeries need the database name instead of or in addition to the system name. ibm iseries system name

Every IBM iSeries midrange processor is shipped with numerous default values. Included among these is the system name, which IBM represents as (SYSNAME). The first time the machine is IPL'ed (initial program load) the default system name will be displayed in the upper right corner of the system console and any other attached workstations.

Modernize RPG code for Get the System Name for IBM i, iSeries and AS400. For any RPG programmer, writing RPGLE code (sometimes called RPG4) is fun. But, upgrading older RPG programs to the latest free form program layout is even more fun! The joy experienced when the Project is to Modernize RPG always puts an inane grin on my face. So lets look at a simple example: Get the IBM i System Name using RPGLE or SQLRPGLE. This has the same affect as calling a CL to retrieve the network attributes, but of course you could also call the API from the CLP program if you wanted to be ubertricky Prototype for the Rtvsysname function D RtvSysName PR 8A Variable that will hold the system name D MYSYSTEM S 10Aibm iseries system name Even though you can connect to IBM i NetServer using any name you choose, you should not change the server name from its default. The name should be the same as your system name. However, if you must change the IBM i NetServer server name, review the naming guidelines beforehand. You can view the system name in the network attributes by using the Display Network Attributes (DSPNETA) CL

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