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May 10, 2013 All replies. The autodiscover CNAME is where the magic happens and it should point to As the replication of the DNS records sometimes could take a while (but usually only up to 30 min and definitely no longer than 48 hours), you can add a manual reference in your HOSTS file (not LMHOSTS). Therefor,Autodiscover is a feature that 1& 1 has enabled for our mail service, that allows you to setup your email account by only supplying your email address and password. Please note: A hidden subdomain autodiscover is automatically created for new domains (after 6 July 2015) and is set as a CNAME pointing to adsredir. 1and1. info. 1and1 cname autodiscover

Sep 28, 2017 Autodiscover CNAME Hybrid Exchange. by wf88 on May 3, 2017 at 12: 02 UTC. Microsoft Office 365. 2. Next: what Does this new CNAME affect an onpremises autodiscover flow? Will this make any difference at all unless your mailbox is in the cloud? Any guidance is appreciated. Popular Topics in Microsoft Office 365.

Externally, autodiscover is actually found as a subdomain, so a CNAME won't do the job. What you need to do is setup autodiscover as a subdomain, and within the site, you create a folder called autodiscover, and inside that folder, you create a redirection link called autodiscover. xml. Dec 11, 2014 MX, Autodiscover CNAME, SPF, SRV Records Autodiscover CNAME, SPF and SRV records, because I stupidly forgot to copy them down from 1& 1 before I moved ownership. When I originally set this up it was a part of the beta run of [email protected] service, but it is no longer.1and1 cname autodiscover Issues setting up office 365 with 1& 1 We have tried to add the cname and mx record to 1& 1 for the domain but we cannot get the cname autodiscover to work. We have tired to setup outlook locally with but it just comes up with Microsoft exchange server unavailable.

These CNAME entries were titled autodiscover and domainconnect but I forgot their original value. I contacted the 1and1 support, but the guy on the other side didn't really have a clue and said that I should know what these entries are (even though I didn't add them, they were there by default). 1and1 cname autodiscover Jan 25, 2016 1& 1 Office365 AutoDiscovery. Any help to avoid me moving the domain to GoDaddy would be appreciated as we would like to leave this one where it is if possible. Once setup the accounts work fine, it is simply when first adding to Outlook and its attempting to autodiscover, also I should point out that if I want to fix it with a bodge, 1& 1 CNAME records Introduction To update your CNAME records with this Domain Name System (DNS) provider, first understand CNAME records and learn how to create them for G Suite in general. Choose CNAME, type and check the box to accept that I am aware and accept that all current DNS settings, email addresses and Setting Up Your CNAME with 1and1 Web Hosting Follow. Leslee Teehankee Last Updated February 22, 2019 12: 25. How to add a CNAME to your 1& 1 IONOS hosted domain. Unbounce now has an automatic setup for 1& 1 hosted domains that can be done directly from the Unbounce builder! Check out our article Adding Your Domain

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