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Words and phrases that are considered slang by many native Dutch speakers are considered official Sranan words and phrases by the Surinamese. The effect of colonialism on European languages, especially in South America, is a truly fascinating subject.Saint Kitts and Nevis; Saint Lucia; Saint Vincent and the Grenadines; Samoa suriname dutch phrases

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Official Language of Suriname: Surinamese Dutch. Surinamese Dutch is a form of the Dutch language spoken in Suriname. Surinamese Dutch is recognized by law as the country's official language. Surinamese Dutch is also the most popular language in the country, given that up to 60 of the population identifies as native speakers of Surinamese Dutch. Formerly known as Dutch Guiana, Suriname was a plantation colony of the Netherlands that gained its independence on November 25, 1975. From 1980 to 1987 the country was governed by a succession of military regimes. A new civilian constitution was approved in 1987.suriname dutch phrases Dutch may be the official language of Suriname, but most Surinamese speak Sranan, an Englishbased creole, which has been influenced by Dutch and Portuguese along with some West African languages. Sranan serves as a lingua franca for about 80 of a population

Sranan (Sranan Tongo) Sranan is an Englishbased creole language spoken by about 400, 000 people in Suriname, where it is used as a lingua franca. There are also Sranan speakers in the Netherlands. It is a mainly Englishbased creole with vocabulary from Dutch, Portuguese and languages of suriname dutch phrases Despite its being a multilingual country, Suriname maintains Dutch as its sole official language spoken by about 60 of its population, and twothirds of households in Paramaribo, its biggest city. Jul 29, 2015 DUTCH Maar ben je echt Surinaams? Are you sure you're Surinamese? Samantha Pollack. BORN IN SURINAME Language: English Location: Suriname is situated on the northeast coast of South America, between Guyana and French Guiana, and is home to about 15 distinct languages. Since it was a colony of The Netherlands until 1975, the official language of Suriname is Dutch. Articles and guides covering Dutch grammar, vocabulary, and essential everyday phrases, as well as a wide variety of resources and tools to help you learn Dutch quickly and effectively! Spoken by over 30 million people across the Netherlands, Belgium, Suriname, Curaao and elsewhere, Dutch is one of the closest languages to English which

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