Sahara sandstorm names

2020-02-18 17:37

The sandstorm in the Sahara Desert howled through the night, forcing us into hotel rooms instead of tents Unfortunately, getting back to camp meant facing into the storm. I climbed back on my camel and clutched the pommel with one hand, while the other tried to keep my hood from being ripped off.Sandstorm warned the Desert Rat, and spoke quickly to the mozo in Spanish. You told a tale of a sandstorm and of having been separated from two Indians you had employed. In the first flurry of sandstorm, it had clogged, burned out and died. sahara sandstorm names

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Sandstorm synonyms. Top synonyms for sandstorm (other words for sandstorm) are sand storm, sirocco and dust storm. In Iraq, they go by two names: sharqi and shamal, depending on what season it is. The Egyptians call it khamsin (rih al khamsin is Arabic meaning 'wind of 50 days') with alternate spellings kamseen, chamsin, khamseen. All across North Africa, towers of sand called ghiblis rage. Haboob issahara sandstorm names Other words for sandstorm include dust storm, sand spout and sand column. A sandstorm is defined as a windstorm or a strong wind, typically in a desert, that

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