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Spider Mythology and Folklore Hopi (Native American): In the Hopi creation story, Spider Woman is the goddess of the earth. Africa: In West Africa, the spider is portrayed as a trickster god, Cherokee (Native American): A popular Cherokee tale credits Grandmother Spider with bringing lightIn African mythology, the spider is personified as a creation deity Anansi, and as a trickster character in African traditional folklore. There are many variations of the name including Kwaku Ananse of the Ashanti in West Africa (his original name) and anglicized as Aunt Nancy (or Sister Nancy) in the West Indies and some other parts of the mythical spiders names

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Mar 01, 2017 Tarantula Pet Names Discussion in ' Messages: 926 Likes Received: 404 Trophy Points: 63. I want to see how many good names for pet tarantulas (or spiders) we can come up with. Here are some categories to get people thinking: I like mythology or fairytale names best or something a bit sinister for a tarantula although many of mine have a Jun 07, 2012 Mythical bugs and spiders. . This is Itzpapalotl, from Aztec mythology. Itzpapalotl is also know as Clawed Butterfly, or Obsidian Butterfly. There is some suggestion that the name did not refer to a butterfly at all, but a bat. Anyway, most descriptions of her are quite similar in that; her body is skeletal, with eagle or jaguar style claws,mythical spiders names Tsuchigumo is a clan of spider Ykais from the Japanese mythology. Tsuchigumo meaning dirtearth spider is a historical Japanese spiderlike ykai in Japanese folklore. Alternate names for the Tsuchigumo include yatsukahagi, and rogumo, meaning giant spider .

Arachne Wikipedia. Of course, theres other mythical Spiders too, such as Anansi (African mythology, Anansi Boys, dont really know much about them), but assuming youre a Westerner, its reasonable to assume you mean Arachne. mythical spiders names Feb 01, 2009 known as Old Spider& Young Spider, though what his their exact relationship was I do not know. SYNODEITIES: See Names Above DETAILS: This month is a bit of a departure from the norm as the goddess of the month is not from a single culture but more of a try at a holistic overview of an image that is Spider as deity. ;How can the answer be improved?

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