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2019-09-22 21:35

In this lesson you will learn how to change the name of your database. If you are using Oracle9i Database Release 2 or a later release of Oracle Database, you can use the DBNEWID database utility to change the database name (DBNAME) and the internal database identifier (DBID) for an operational database.DBNEWID is a database utility to change the DBNAME and DBID of an Oracle Database. You could change either the DBID or DBNAME or both. DBNAME is the database name that you specify while creating the database and DBID is a unique number that is assigned to the database when it is created. oracle xe change database name

This entry describes how to find and change the dbname for a database, or the ORACLESID for an instance, without recreating the database. SCOPE& APPLICATION For DBAs requiring to either find or change the dbname or ORACLESID.

How to rename Oracle database Intro. However you can find dozens of useful articles in the Internet regarding the topic I was not able to find any 100 accurate HowTo. Finally I have successfully renamed my Oracle database instance by mixing couple of different tips found in the Internet. Change database ID and database name XE to NEW? (Y Change the DBName in your init. ora and change the init. ora; Change the SID in the etcoratab or varoptoracleoratab; Change the SID in your environment and source it; Startup the database to mountstatus startup mount; ReCreate the controlfile with the statement from position xe change database name Optionally, you can change the database name as well. Ensure that you have a recoverable whole database backup. Ensure that the target database is mounted but not open, and that it was shut down consistently before mounting. For example: SHUTDOWN IMMEDIATE STARTUP MOUNT.

The connection adapter for the Oracle Database XE Client connects to the default service on the host. On the host, this is set to XE in the listener. ora file. Default service is a new feature of Oracle Database XE. If you use any other Oracle Database client to connect to Oracle Database XE, then you must specify the service name. oracle xe change database name STEP 3: Change all references to the old instance name in all locations for sqlnet. ora, protocol. ora, tnsnames. ora and the init. ora (or spfile for the database). STEP 4: Change the database name in the file to reference the new ORACLESID instance name: How to rename a schema; Breadcrumb. Announcement. the easiest approach would be to change your view on the name of the schema: ) that is, accept it for what it is and go with it. Classes, workouts and quizzes on Oracle Database technologies. Expertise through exercise! Oracle 11g: Change Database Name. Hi guys, Need to do this task, here is my env: Task: change the db name from abcd9 to abcd Database: Oracle 11g R1 (Oracle Database 11g Enterprise Edition Release. 7. 0 64bit Production) OS: Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 5. 4 (Tikanga) The database name, or SID, is being changed from prd to qa. This will be referenced when appropriate in the document. Overview of Process. There are four steps to perform to change an Oracle database name (SID). Preliminary prep work. Use NID application. Change SID References. Start database and finalize changes.

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