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2019-08-21 05:52

Jun 04, 2008 There was only one problem. Her programs did a lot of file manipulation, and so she had to do a lot of coding of filenames. Windows filenames used a backslash as a separator, but within Python the backslash had the magic power of an escape character, so every time she wanted a backslash in a filename she had to code two backslashes, like this:Jun 24, 2015 Joonas Liik It sounds to me more like it is possible to use long file names on windows but it is a pain and in python, on windows it is basically impossible. So shouldn't it be possible to maniulate these files with extended names. . python windows long file names

Jul 18, 2005 guesses what short name Windows would be likely to give a new file with a given long name, but it would be pretty unreliable, I reckon. Exactly. And on top of that, there may be situations where files that do exist don't have a 8. 3 alias, making any such guesswork even harder. So in retrospect, the correct answer to OP's question should be: No.

I need to determine Windows short file name from my python code. For that I can find a solution using the win32api. import win32api Files\I am a file' Please try the following code (updated): from ctypes import createunicodebuffer, windll BUFFERSIZE 500 buffer getlongpathname buffer, BUFFERSIZE) longpathname buffer. value. Hope this helps.python windows long file names On Windows, it's very common to have a string of long directories in the pathname for files, like C: \Documents and Settings\My Long User Name\My Documents\My Long Subdirectory Name\ . For a wxPython application I'm working on, this has actually caused me to run into what appears to be Python's pathname length limit for opening files.

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