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Home Programming News Different types of Mapping in Nhibernate 2. Programming News; Tutorials; Different types of Mapping in Nhibernate 2. By. the preferred method is to define the namespace and assembly in the tag, as shown in the previous code. as the table name is the same as our class name, we could leave out the table attribute.Types from multiple assemblies and namespaces in nhibernate mapping files. Ask Question. EF4 Poco Issue Mapping Types Same Name Same Assembly Different Namespaces. 1. The element 'class' in namespace has invalid child element 'id' 0. nhibernate same class name different namespace

Jul 18, 2006 This article describes using NHibernate with multiple databases concurrently.

Great if that helped; ) namespace attribute on the class element is an abbrev, so if all referenced entities (manytoone) are in the same ns no need to declare it again. but if class is in different, we have to provide its name with namespace. If you are not using assembly and namespace attributes, you have to specify fullyqualified class names, including the name of the assembly that classes are declared in. . If you have two persistent classes with the same (unqualified) name, you should set will throw an exception if you attempt to assign two classes to the same imported name.nhibernate same class name different namespace I also have another class with the same name in a different namespace: namespace Domain. SubDomain public class Foo For my mappings, I have a Mapping directory with a subdirectory called SubDomain that contains mappings for the domain classes found in Domain. SubDomain namespace. They are all in the same assembly.

NHibernate also supports dynamic models (using Dictionaries or C# dynamic). With this approach, you don't write persistent classes, only mapping files. The following examples demonstrates the dynamic model feature. First, in the mapping file, an entityname has to be declared instead of a class name: nhibernate same class name different namespace Can't map two classes with same name from different namespace# 362. Closed saebpanahifar opened this Issue Sep 18 (not changing the class name). this caused the same issue. Now we need to pollute old versoins with a postfix to work arround the issue. next time I'll think twice before choosing EF against NHibernate. delmontyb wrote Jan NHibernate multiple JOIN to the same table by different keys. Ask Question 5. Another NHibernate JOIN problem. NHibernate: Same class for multiple tables. 0. Nhibernate multiple uniquekey on same field. 1. NHibernate unsaved transient instance. 0. We have used the same table and class name, but notice that the 'entityname' is different We have a different database schema ' TenantSpecificSchema ' The TenantId property is Jan 11, 2006 The approach we have for this with our new domain layer& NHibernate is to require that of standard entities have the same class name, but different namespace. Then the customer simply registers their own DLL with customized entities& mapping, and standard queries still work, but create their extended entities.

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