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I have started building my code library since PHP 4. I have used requireonce to import classes. Now with PHP 5. 3 I have met defining namespaces and importing them. I would like to change my source files to use importing (use statement) instead of using requireonce. Is this the right decision, IAll versions of PHP that support namespaces support three kinds of aliasing or importing: aliasing a class name, aliasing an interface name, and aliasing a namespace name. PHP 5. 6 also allows aliasing or importing function and constant names. In PHP, aliasing is accomplished with the use operator. namespace php import

Using namespaces: AliasingImporting; Global space; Using namespaces: fallback to global functionconstant; Name resolution rules; FAQ: things you need to know about namespaces; add a note? php namespace fub; include 'file1. php include 'file2. php include 'file3. php use foo as feline;

Defining namespaces. (PHP 5, PHP 7) Although any valid PHP code can be contained within a namespace, only the following types of code are affected by namespaces: classes (including abstracts and traits), interfaces, functions and constants. Namespaces Import names cannot conflict with classes defined in the same file. Nested namespaces are not allowed. Before PHP 5. 6 neither functions nor constants can be imported via the use statement. Dynamic namespace names (quoted identifiers) should escape backslash.namespace php import Limitations. In Java for example, you are able to import a number of classes into the current namespace by using the import statement with a wildcard. In Java, import is equivelent to use, and it uses dots to separate the nested namespaces (or packages). Heres an example.

Namespaces are one of the most significant changes in PHP 5. 3. They will be familiar to C# and Java developers, and they are likely to change the structure of PHP applications for the better. namespace php import (php 5, php 7) Before discussing the use of namespaces, it is important to understand how PHP knows which namespaced element your code is requesting. A simple analogy can be made between PHP namespaces and a filesystem. How to Use PHP Namespaces, Part 2: Importing, Aliases, and Name Resolution Working Within the Same Namespace. Although we include both lib1. php and lib2. php, Namespace Importing. Namespaces can be imported with the use operator, e. g. Namespace Aliases. Namespace aliases are perhaps the most What happens if you do not want to import classes individually but import many classes in a namespace? The resource say you can use the use keyword to import namespaces. So I try to import the namespace of the lib file and try to instantiate the object.

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