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2019-09-16 15:39

We don't have any history, definition or meaning data for the dog name Buster yet! Please help out by adding what you know about Buster using the comment section below:Oct 06, 2017  Another unisex name thats more popular for male dogs is Riley. The dog in video game Call of Duty is named Riley, and hes a tactical German Shepherd service dog. If your pup has even an ounce of courage in him, this is a name befitting him regardless of breed. Image source. dogs named buster

Home Breed A Dog Named Buster. A Dog Named Buster. Your Dog's Name: Buster. Tell us a little about your dog: Buster is a Pitmation, a Dalmatian and pit bull mix. He is 7 weeks old. He loves to play and chew on things. So I thought Buster, as in bus, would be a good name.

Dogs named Buster can also have a sneaky quality and may be quick to steal food or do something else that you dont know about. Origin: American English. The meaning is: Joy. 12. BEAR Dogs named Bear are often adorable long haired fluffy dogs that come in a variety of sizes and colors. It is a common name for Shar peis. How can the answer be improved?dogs named buster Heroic Dog Named Buster Saves Kansas Family from a Massive House Fire Sarah Potter and Buster The 1yearold dog began barking to alert the Sarah Potter of the devastating fire in the kitchen

My Cousin's Dog Is Named Buster. LaughOutLoud Jooo [: Melissa. my rottweilers name is buster he is so gorgeous! Briana. my cocker spaniels name is buster: p he is so awesome; p. stacey. i just got a yorkie puppy and his name is buster. great name for my new baby. Chrissy. dogs named buster

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