List states with names based on spanish words

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Nature, Place and Word Names. Baby names drawn from nature, from places, and from words have become increasingly popular over recent years. These lists gather them for your consideration and include flower names and baby names inspired by the heaves, New York baby names and French words that can be used as baby names.Answer Wiki. These states: California Californias hot like a lime kiln, its been assumed that the name may come from the Latin roots calcis (lime) and fornax (oven). Colorado comes from the Spanish colorado, meaning deep red Probably given because of the Spanish Rio Colorados (Colorado River) tendency to turn a deep red. list states with names based on spanish words

There are two explanations for the origin of the name Arizona: either from rida zona, meaning Arid Zone in Spanish, or from a Spanish word of Basque origin that means The Good Oak.

Spanishlanguage place names abound in the United States in part because its history includes Spanish colonization and exploration. Many of the Spanish place names in the U. S. have been anglicized, such as by changing to n and by dropping the accent marks from accented vowels. The origin of the name is unknown, though it possibly comes from a Cherokee rendering of a Yuchi word. Texas From a Caddo word meaning allies, used by the Spanishlist states with names based on spanish words List of place names of Spanish origin in the United States. Jump to navigation Jump to search. As a Texas (based on the Caddo word teshas, meaning friends or allies , which was applied by the Spanish to the Caddo themselves and to the region of their settlement in East Texas).

Aug 20, 2006 Texas is really named after the Tejas Indians, a Native American word rather than a Spanish word, although readily recognizable in Spanish. 8. Arizona is just a name, although also readily recognizable in Spanish so they could be the seventh and eighth depending on your point of view. list states with names based on spanish words The name of this Northwestern state is a variation of the Spanish word montaa mountain . No one knows who first applied it or under what circumstances. Subsequent to the Lewis and Clark expedition, Montana became a United States territory (Montana Territory) on May 26, 1864 and the 41st state on November 8, 1889. Start studying us places& cities with spanish names. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. List of state and territory name etymologies of the United States. The etymologies of six states are disputed or unclear: Arizona, Hawaii, Idaho, Maine, Oregon, and Rhode Island (in the table below, those states have one row for each potential source language or meaning). The only 4 U. S. States with spanish names are: . Colorado. Florida. Montana. Nevada.

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