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2019-08-23 14:23

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Here are some mammals with 5letter names: Feb 19, 2008 Best Answer: skink, zebra, moose, egret, heron, gecko, llama, quail, murre rhino and hippo for short 5 Letter Animals Five Letter Animals This Site Might Help You. RE: names of animals that have 5 letters in there name? puppy horse snail sloth camel koala llama tiger bison otter gecko bongo okapi tapir macaw hippo rhinoanimal with five letters in name There are a number of Australian mammals which have kept derivations of their original aboriginal name, but none have kept the name in its original form. These animals include the kangaroo, koala, numbat, wallaby, wombat, ningaui and potoroo.

I wonder what animal you are naming and why only five letter, but here are some cutesy animal names with five letters: Teddy, Puffy, Flash, Zippy, Hazel, Misty, Puppo, Felix, Stash (for a cat with a mark under his nose that looks like a mustache), Buddy, Honey, Mr Cat. animal with five letters in name May 18, 2011 Re: 5Letter Boys name? I absolutely love that you used Linus, his brother's name need to be just as quirky while being clearly masculine (to ballance Avery ) IMO. If you don't mind Gaelic spellings Oisin (OHsheen) could work perfectly in there. How can the answer be improved?

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