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Oct 13, 2010 Hey all! In two weeks from now, October 23rd, me and my fiance are getting married. I have been here on a Fiance visa since August 7th, and we are extremely happy together. . I want to change my name, that is, add his last name to my existing name.Purpose of Form. Use this to petition to bring your fianc (e) (K1) and that persons children (K2) to the U. S. for marriage to you, or to bring your spouse (K3) and that persons children (K4) to the U. S. to apply for lawful permanent resident status. U. S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement fiance visa name change

2017 saw high denial rates for Fiance visa petition I129F. Statistics show that it's harder to be approved. But the fix still remains the same quality I129F petitions High denials statistics for I129F fiance petitions in 2017. if shes had a legal name change, shell need to send you court documents to show a legal name change.

Sometimes a name change is necessary because USCIS made the mistake. It happens, unfortunately too often. Green cards arrive in the mail with a misspelled name through no fault of your own. USCIS (an agency within the Department of Homeland Security) errored. If your fiance traveled to the US soon after receiving the visa, it is probably still valid for a few months now that you are married. However, the K1 visa is a nonimmigrant visa, meaning it will not allow your fiance to remain in the US permanently. To do this, your fiance will have to apply for adjustment of status. Adjustment of statusfiance visa name change Below are the instructions for the processing of your Kvisa (fiance visa) and the list of documents you are required to bring with you on the day of your K visa interview. We will also need an original name change certificate for any individual in the case who has had a name change after or due to an adoption. MARRIAGE AND DIVORCE

Name Change for US Spouse Visa After Marriage. Therefore, in order to change your name on your green card after issuance, you fill out Form I90. Correspondingly, there is a fee of 455 to do so. In addition, after arrival, you can get a social security card one time with your new married name. fiance visa name change Feb 02, 2009 After you get married on a fiancee visa you have to apply for your FLR(M) which is good for 2 years. That is when before you apply have your passport name changed. That way your FLR is issued in your married name. On a fiance visa once you're married you cannot leave and reenter on that visa. You have to have the FLR(M). I am a USA citizen and my fiancee lives in Hong Kong. She legally changed her name when she was 20 years old and so her current name does not match her birth certificate. What extra paperwork do we need to send in? She has a document from the Hong Kong Department of Immigration stating the name change. It is an official document but not notarized. Green Card Green Card Family Green Card Fiance Visa After Marriage. Fiance Visa After Marriage. . 3099. 0. Facebook. Twitter you must change your status as soon as possible. Apply for I485 in order to receive a green card. On the sheet of the application at the top write your name, A number, and write the number and name of Dec 17, 2009 Getting married on K1 and changing surname. What to write on documents? The reason for the maiden name is because SS has to find her name in the immigration database and issue the card in the same name as on her I94. She can change her name later after she gets her EAD card or green card. If she waits two months,

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